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Preparing the Immune System for a Cleanse

by Brandy Boehmer

Cleansing requires a lot of motivation in order to achieve our goals because it may alter some plans depending on the schedule of detoxification. Following these steps in order will help one overcome challenges and stay motivated.

Many people tend to complain that if they shop with an empty stomach they tend to eat a lot more than they actually need. People planning to cleanse their body through the process of detoxification should buy groceries and other household items before they start off on a cleansing journey.

Every individual should come up with a schedule that highlights major events that are coming up. This will ensure that the process of cleansing and detoxification does not overlap or clash with the dates of an event or family gathering.

In order to accomplish any goal, it is very important to have a clear set of guidelines to follow. Plan food and drinks, meditation time, leisure activities, responsibilities, supplementation and sleep ahead of time. It is best to make guidelines and follow them rigorously. Always keep them close at hand so we are reminded of them again and again. This helps us remain focused and determined to cleanse the body with ease.

Many people follow their diet charts and plans better if they have company that wants to follow the same steps. Teaming up with like-minded partners, online groups or social circles can help us stay motivated and on track.

Vegetables and fruits that we love should be incorporated into the diet because they will help distract us from eating all the other food items that we crave. It is a psychological fact that when our taste buds taste the items we love most, they send a very positive signal and message to the brain.

When visiting friends and family members during a cleanse or even before starting one, it is better to share our plans with them. They will point out all the positive aspects linked with cleansing, reinforcing the motivation to achieve our goal. It will also ensure that we are not forced by family or friends to eat something that goes against our diet chart or cleansing schedule. They will respect our decision and help us achieve the goals we want.

Schedule complementary detox services such as colonics (colon hydrotherapy), massage, saunas, footbaths and salt therapies prior to starting a cleanse. Having a schedule will keep us accountable.

Once we are on the road to success, create a journal of the cleansing journey. It will help with clarity of emotional messages that may come up during the detox. If we plan to start the cleansing journey again it will help to stay motivated and complete our struggle. The journey may also be shared with friends and family members as we become a source of inspiration for them. People tend to believe individuals that talk about results that are backed up by proof.

Brandy Boehmer is a nationally board certified colon hydrotherapist at InnerSpace Holistic, 2350 Washtenaw Ave., Ste. 14, in Ann Arbor, and a member of the International Association of Colon Therapists since 2003. For more information, call 734-709-8313 or visit