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Pharmaceutical-Free Healing with Dr. Krasnick

Krasnick Regenerative Medicine owner Dr. Robert Krasnick says, “With the use of regenerative injections, patients are able to avoid the long-term use of prescription medication, steroid injections and frequent surgical intervention, all of which have higher risk for side effects and do not promote healing.”

            Krasnick attended undergraduate and medical school at the University of Michigan and specialized in physical medicine and rehabilitation at Rush Presbyterian St. Lukes Hospital, in Chicago, and has trained in regenerative therapies through the Hackett/Hemwall/Patterson Foundation, as well the American Association for Orthopedic Medicine. He advises, “People should consider regenerative medicine for pain that is unresolved with traditional approaches. Whether it is back pain, tennis elbow or osteoarthritis of the knee, I have seen remarkable success with our treatment approach.”

            Regenerative medicine for musculoskeletal or orthopedic conditions and injuries, also known as orthobiologics, is a natural approach to healing. He explains, “This field really started in the 1930s and prolotherapy was coined in the 1950s. Prolotherapy involves using a dextrose solution to inject damaged ligaments, tendons, fascia and other connective tissues to generate cellular repair. Over the past 10 to 15 years, treatment with platelets, or PRP, and stem cells from bone marrow aspirate/concentrate or adipose tissue, has advanced the field considerably in terms of public interest and an exponential leap in research.”

            Krasnick became interested in prolotherapy about 25 years ago as an alternative to the accepted standard of care which included steroid injections, anti-inflammatory medications and other pain medications. “Many patients I was treating only temporarily improved and required repeated steroids, long-term medications or ended up having surgery. Prolotherapy proved to be an alternative treatment that avoided the use of steroids and drugs and promoted healing of injured connective tissue. I saw patients markedly improve with this treatment and avoid the side effects of standard treatment and frequently avoid surgery. The goal of regenerative medicine is healing and repair, and our bodies sometimes need the correct stimulus to initiate this process,” he notes. Once pain is decreased and structural integrity is improved, patients are able to resume activities such as going for a walk, working in the garden or participating in athletics.

            Krasnick’s treatment approach is comprehensive, taking into account the whole body. This includes evaluating everything from biomechanics to nutrition in the treatment plan. Additionally, he uses ultrasound to assess soft tissue and joint problems and also for guidance during injections to enable more precise treatment and improved outcomes.

            “To help enhance and support the healing process, we offer IV nutritional therapies, peptides, ozone therapy and a new and more powerful form of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) called extracorporal magnetotransduction therapy (EMTT) to assist and promote healing from a cellular level,” says Krasnick.


Krasnick Regenerative Medicine is located at 210 Little Lake Dr., Ste. 8, in Ann Arbor. For appointments and more information, call 734-585-5653 or visit