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Okemos Family Chiropractic Offers Cutting-Edge Solutions

Okemos Family Chiropractic provides many different, cutting-edge alternative and natural therapies under one roof, including alternatives to surgery for disc or joint issues and protocols for maximizing health, wellness, endurance, longevity and weight loss. They stay up-to-date with the latest technologies available to maximize health.

A graduate of Northwestern College of Chiropractic, in Bloomington, Minnesota, owner Kirby Perrault, DC, says, “My wife hurt her back after I had graduated premed and was going to medical school. A family friend, a chiropractor, helped her and enlightened me to the amazing benefits of chiropractic care.” Okemos Family Chiropractic opened in August 1998. He also owns InAlignment Nutrition and Weight Loss.

To make patients more pain and stress free, with a sense of well-being and greater adaptability to their environment, Perrault says, “We start by establishing baselines and/or metrics for where they’re at health-wise. We test, don’t guess. Then we help determine what course of natural therapies (magnetic, nutrition, red light, Softwave, decompression or oxygen) would benefit them in coordination with their chiropractic care, opening their nerve system.”

Okemos Family Chiropractic and InAlignment Nutrition and Weight Loss are located at 2199 Jolly Rd., in Okemos. For appointments and more info, call 517-381-1880 or visit or