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Natural Awakenings Healthy Living Magazine

The Future is Now

Welcome to 2023, Natural Awakenings style! January is a cosmic restart and the perfect time to begin anew, greeting the year ahead with anticipation for what’s to come and taking stock of the acquired perspective of this older and slightly wiser version of ourselves. As we step forward into 2023, it is a choice opportunity to renew our passion and spark for life and the work we do, take hold of the promises and the vision we’ve held for ourselves and rethink how we connect, create and find meaningful solutions for the issues we face.

            The future is now, and today is the moment! How are you going to get started? Try this and see what happens... Find some quiet time to take a good look within, asking yourself a few important questions as you start the year.

            Are you in touch with your body and paying enough attention to what it is telling or showing you? Do you notice pain or discomfort in certain areas that need attention? Have you considered what you are feeding it from a physical, mental and emotional standpoint?

            Is there something you should be doing, but you’re not? Are you wrestling with an internal struggle to make changes on any level? What is holding you back? Is there one small step you can take today to move you closer to fulfillment?

            Now is the time to take control of your life; forge a fresh path and find a new journey; create it and direct it with harmony and discipline. With only the vehicle of your body to travel a lifetime in, it’s important to be sure you are honoring it by tuning in to your environment. Even the simplest changes can make a world of difference and have far-reaching, positive effects on your health. Imagine where you could be at this time next year!

            John and I are proud and honored to share Natural Awakenings, a valuable resource filled with knowledgeable, inspiring people to meet and a sense of community that cares—we feel so blessed! Publishing in greater Ann Arbor, Detroit-Wayne County and Grand Traverse Region for the last 17 years, education still stands at the heart of our mission, and we aim to bring forth content that empowers individuals to take charge and make healthier, informed decisions. Our vision for this upcoming year is to reach out and connect with even more of our dear readers, businesses and community influencers, so naturally, we are overjoyed to announce that we have expanded our reach!

            Greater Lansing’s new edition of Natural Awakenings launches this month, meaning that our larger pursuit is underway and the magazine is now being widely distributed from the top to the bottom of our beautiful state! We look forward to being of service, highlighting and connecting with the communities we serve and bringing you the most beneficial information available to encourage improved health for yourself, your family, friends and our larger human collective.

            With this issue at your fingertips, we hope you have all you need to become inspired to start creating a new year of contentment, joy and a whole new, healthier you! In 2023 you can take more naps, enjoy long baths and get a massage, or simply find somewhere to sit for a few minutes in silence to listen to your own deep breaths and the rhythm of your body. We are committing to walk a path of authenticity and integrity this year, finding promise, meaning and a deep sense of peace wherever we go. Let’s do it together.

Happiest New Year Wishes to You and Yours,

Trina and John Voell