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Natural Awakenings Ann Arbor Michigan

Feel Good, So Good!

Sep 30, 2019 04:51PM

John & Trina

October’s issue brings readers an abundance of health news that underscores the importance of paying attention to the little things—like teeth and gums. Our feature, “Mouth Matters: A Holistic Approach to Oral Health,” delves into the mounting evidence that this “doorway to the body” can usher in heart issues, inflammatory response and even Alzheimer’s, if not well maintained. Ronica O’Hara details the growing body of less-invasive and less-toxic approaches to dental care.

In keeping with this inside-out, whole-body approach, Marlaina Donato offers insights into how one region of the body might affect a seemingly unrelated area in “Spinal Solutions: Chiropractic Care Yields Unexpected Results.” Chiropractors view the body as an integrated unit, and problems in one area might affect a seemingly unrelated area, enabling them to offer relief for unlikely health issues like asthma, digestion, headaches and TMJ.

In the meantime, educators all over the world are starting to focus on the mind-body connection with curricula aimed at bringing mindfulness to the classroom. Read all about it in “Mindfulness in the Classroom: Meditative Training Helps Kids Thrive.” O’Hara takes a deep dive into the research behind the benefits of these programs, how they are structured and what parents can do at home if their school doesn’t offer this.

Our Conscious Eating department highlights how the global Slow Food movement is fast gaining momentum, uniting more than 100,000 people in 150 countries with a passion for delicious eating and a moral conviction about the people and places that sustain it. The key principles of slow food are good, clean and fair—it’s the opposite of fast food, where you are in and out with no idea where your food comes from or the stories behind it.

We are especially excited to support the Slow Food movement here at home. We opt for and encourage you to shop for healthy, local ingredients and prepare dishes from scratch. The mindful effort it takes to make meals at home is well worth the myriad health benefits, not to mention the gratitude we receive from our families. Consciously caring for our Mother Earth in this way brings peace to our hearts and just plain and simple feels good… so good.

That’s just a taste (pun intended) of what you’ll find in this month’s issue of Natural Awakenings.

Here’s to you and a vibrant autumn!
Trina & John

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