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Transformational Therapies for Skin, Body and Soul

Ancient Ayurvedic therapy, Shirodhara.

K.WEST Skin Body and Soul founder Katie Westgate says, “Beauty is not a creme you apply to your face, a laser treatment, or anything external for that matter. Beauty is a true knowing and feeling of comfort within your own skin. We are here with transformational offerings for skin, body and soul, because when there is awareness and interconnected balance in all three, beautiful changes result.”

K.WEST offers many modalities for mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Their soul-centered services help find the balance to break through energy blockages and support harmony. These offerings afford the space to release the stress of daily demands or past experiences that become stuck in the conscious or subconscious mind, effecting day-to-day experiences.

“Our mission is to support true connection to self and community for a most radiant life,” says Westgate. “At K.WEST, you can choose to have a high-vibe, rejuvenating break in your day, or you can choose to go deeper, allowing us to guide and support you through a journey of sustaining transformation. Our approach is sustainable for the Earth and your body. Our products and services are rooted in both traditional and modern approaches, and sustainable for the micro and macrocosm.”

For examples, she notes, “Our skincare services like microcurrent and CryoStemCell work with your own body to regenerate its natural functioning, instead of a quick fix Band-Aid approach that can leave you deflated months or years down the road. We solely offer 100 percent natural products and are working toward 100 percent sustainable packaging in our services and SuperNatural Shop, because we believe this is the only way to bring integrity to our business.”

Shirodhara Therapy is one of the most powerful body treatments available to relieve anxiety, stress and sleep difficulties simultaneously. The impact of this body therapy on the nervous system is powerful, instantly cleansing the nerves and mind. Katie Westgate, a licensed aesthetician, and her staff administer Shirodhara body treatments in a soothing ritual, making it possible to escape from the demands of daily life for 45 minutes and rejoin the world feeling lighter and rested.

In Shirodhara, an ancient Ayurvedic therapy, warm oil is poured in a continuous stream over the third eye point located on the forehead at the seat of the pituitary gland, where nerves are highly concentrated. The gentle pressure of the oil creates a vibration, while the oil saturates the forehead and scalp, penetrating the nervous system. Similar to meditation, body therapy is a cleansing process that allows the recipient to go into a deep state of rest. It includes light body rocking massage to release tension, as well as a head massage.

In an Ayurvedic facial, treatments are selected to benefit a person’s individual dosha, or energy type. The Shirodhara body therapy manifests similarly, but the continuous and rhythmic working of Shirodhara therapy is its hallmark. Each treatment targets the nervous system, not only minimizing fatigue and stress, but topically helping by improving the hair.

When we have a compromised nervous system, Shirodhara relieves symptoms. It can be used for disease-prevention in healthy people and is commonly associated with helping minimize post-traumatic stress disorder, insomnia, sleep disorders, hypertension, depression and headache. Shirodhara can also increase energy, promote relaxation and allow for rest while calming a racing mind.

Westgate  says, “Your head is the control center of your body, and what happens in your head directs the functions of the brain and spinal cord. The head is home to the pituitary gland, the captain of all endocrine glands, and when activated and balanced properly, the pituitary gland allows for excellent sleep and stable hormones.”

Shirodhara is beneficial for an unbalanced dosha. From insecurity and worry to anger and irritability, we can tell when our constitution is out of whack. The qualities of the oils or other liquid used in Shirodhara counteracts the unstable dosha, soothing and nourishing through the application of the oil. The rest of the body will benefit from the serenity that Shirodhara promotes. “You deserve to feel rested, balanced and happy. Shirodhara may be the key to getting you there,” advises Westgate.

K.WEST Skin Body and Soul is located at 415 N. Main St., in Ann Arbor. To schedule a consultation, visit