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My Patients are Like My Family

Dr. Patrick Jary, a board-certified doctor of chiropractic and owner of The Sanctuary Chiropractic and Wellness Spa, attended the University of Michigan and Life Chiropractic University, in Atlanta. He has 35 years experience in the health industry, with 27 years of experience as an active field doctor. Dr. Pat specializes in neurology, orthopedics and soft tissue injury, with an emphasis on holistic wellness, immune system health and pain elimination.

Dr. Pat uses a hybrid of many healing tools within The Sanctuary, noting, “Not everyone wants chiropractic. Not everyone wants massage therapy. Not everyone wants acupuncture. We offer all these, plus many other approaches to get our patients well in the safest, fastest, and least expensive way as possible. And you are always the boss. You tell us what measures you are comfortable with to get you healthy. But whichever way we get you healing, it is always, always, always, in a manner that is gentle, easy and comforting.”

He states, “Originally, I thought I was going into the field of space science or possibly even entering into military service, but the first obstacle was math. Math and I were not friends, so that curtailed the space sciences. The military appealed to me, but after some soul searching, I knew that was not the right path for me either. Even as a child, I have always enjoyed helping others feel better, and I was drawn into chiropractic after I suffered my own health issues that chiropractic ended up curing for me. It was such a dramatic change in my health I was intrigued into knowing more, and thus chiropractic ‘chose me’ to be a steward in helping others achieve better health.”

The Sanctuary is different than other offices because they do not let finances get in the way of care. Instead, they help many people that can either not afford care at all or are on a reduced income. “Our clinic even donates our services and finances to local and national charities every year on a first-come first-serve, basis. We also feel that health care should never be an unpleasant or stressful event, especially where money is concerned. We will never pressure you into doing anything or selling you a service that you do not need," says Dr. Pat. “Too many times  we hear about doctors scolding patients. That’s just wrong. We don’t lecture you on what you should be doing with your body or your money. Nobody ever wants to be told what to do. Instead, we listen, we have conversation, we explore all areas related to your case, and then we move forward together, as our team of health professionals gets you started on the path to your health goals.”

He shares, “My patients are like my family. I care for every person that walks through my door as if they were one of my own. I also listen. Listening is half the battle in getting someone healthier. We also laugh here … a lot. Laughing encourages healing, while negative energy and attitudes are roadblocks to healing, and all of us at The Sanctuary are happy, genuine and caring professionals. Consistency and bedside manner are important to us, too. We are always thoughtful and considerate of all the expectations and needs of every patient, and we even do house calls for those who are not able to visit us within our clinic.”

Dr. Pat explains, “I named our clinic The Sanctuary for a reason. Here, we give our patients a place of safety and refuge. So many people come to us ‘beat up’ by the traditional health care system that we are often their last resort. When a patient comes to us, our first job is to never make a patient feel worse. Our second job is to put them at ease and to let them know we offer shelter from the hurricane of ignorance that is prevalent about true wellness today. Letting them know that there is a solution that does not involve drugs or surgery is our next step. And finally, our actual treatments are applied, to get them feeling better physically, mentally and spiritually.”

The Sanctuary Chiropractic and Wellness Spa is located at 33919 Plymouth Rd., in Livonia. For more info and appointments, more, call 734-421-7100 or visit