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Tips for Immune Health

Basic health information is important for everyone. We enter flu season in a certain state of health defined by our habits, genetics and age, and response time can be critical at the very first signs of sickness. It is helpful to carry eucalyptus and use it immediately upon sensations of sinus or throat irritation. An invigorating shower can also stop an invasion, as well as the homeopathic Oscillococcinum or maybe bitter wormwood tea.

Congestion can be made worse by cooked cheese and meat. A focus on lighter foods such as fresh fruit and vegetables supports immune function in the early stages. Pull out the juicer. Beta glucan, the immune stimulant, is extracted from oats to make supplements. Hot tea and soup should be available on the stove.

Stress and depression depress immune function, so get lots of sleep and do deep breathing exercises for their calming effects. The immune circulation increases with exercise and breath.

If we get sick and recover on our own, the immune system gets stronger, but be careful not to spread disease to others. So no coughing or sneezing in public and wash hands and face with hot soapy water regularly.

Thomas Kabisch, DO, MDh, is an integrated medical doctor in Ann Arbor. For more information, call 734-971-5483.