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A Level Above Holistic Dentistry: Biological Dental Care

As an educated Biological Practice, Ann Arbors' Dentist provides ozone, lasers, remineralization, pH balance, biocompatibility, tooth meridians, airway management, myofunctional therapy and biofilm testing. The professional team is able to discuss root canals, mercury amalgams, periodontal disease, cavitations, BPA fillings, gluten in dentistry, preservatives and chemicals in dentistry, lead and heavy metals in dentistry, fluoride toxicity, erosion, oral cancer, apnea, TMJ disorders, orthodontics and other pertinent concerns.

            Dr. Keith Dobracki is a doctor of dental surgery and is both a board-certified naturopathic physician and integrative biological dental medicine practitioner. He has studied at the Institute for Functional Medicine, the International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine, the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, American Dental Association, Holistic Dental Association and Academy of General Dentistry.

            He says, “We set out on a mission to bring biological dentistry to Michigan. Our goal was simple: provide friendly, educational and comfortable care using only ingredients we would put in our families’ mouths. At home, we all eat organic and live clean lifestyles. Unfortunately, traditional dental care does always not mesh with our way of life. We are here to provide care for health-conscious individuals who scrutinize every ingredient and have a passion for optimizing their overall well-being. We provide the equivalent of functional and integrative care for the mouth with a 'biohacking' twist.

            Patients can trust their products, methods and tools because they have all been researched in great detail to assure they are biocompatible and promote a healthy lifestyle. The practice has won national and local awards for outstanding care and is extremely COVID-19 safe. “Patients love being heard by our doctors and actually having their primary concerns respected and addressed,” says Dobracki. “We take into account all of our patients' wishes, and our goal is to educate patients' in order to promote prevention and minimal invasive care. The mouth is the gateway to the body and is often overlooked. Small issues often develop into big problems when not properly addressed.”

            He states, “The term ‘holistic dentistry’ has become a marketing buzzword and guarantees no actual accountability, education or certifications of the dentist. It is now commonly thrown around by dentists to get patients in the door rather than to provide holistic care. Our practice does not require insurance memberships and sees patients of all ages and for all clinical needs. Instead of throwing Band-Aids at recurring problems, such as simply filling for a cavity, our highly trained team looks to eliminate primary casual factors and provides accelerated coaching to prevent these problems from reoccurring.”

            Dobracki says, “The future is bright. The population is recognizing toxicity contributors in our daily routines and environment. We are teaming up with functional and integrative physicians to provide a whole-body wellness plan. This will help us focus more attention on individual patient needs and be able to problem solve on a deeper level than ever before.”

            During COVID-19 restrictions, they offer Zoom and phone consultations that allow one-on-one personalized interactions with trained health professionals allowing patients to ask questions about how to become more healthy.


Ann Arbors' Dentist is located at  606 W. Stadium Blvd., in Ann Arbor. For appointments and more information, call 734-747-6400 or visit