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Natural Awakenings of Greater Ann Arbor & Detroit / Wayne & Monroe Counties Michigan

The Mission of a Holistic Health Educator

by Ikaro Phoenix

A holistic health educator is someone that helps people to become conscious of their direct connection with the creation to recover their natural state of being, function and purpose for being. While this may sound like it is not dealing with the problems we face in our daily lives, it’s important to have the destination set at the beginning for an outcome that will eliminate the root of disease and not only trim a branch or two.

Ultimately, health is our natural state of functioning with nature; like a bird or a tree, they are self-sustained by the system, and only if diseased does it need to be assisted to recover its natural function. In holistic health, the educator assists in identifying what is obstructing the natural state of health so that it can be eliminated. In the beginning, these obstructions may take the form of poor diet, lack of exercise, substance abuse, dysfunctional relationships or a stressful job.

As we get closer to the root, more subtle and deeper influences may be the cause, such as subtle programming from family, traumatic events or ancestral tendencies. All of these and more can cause a poor environment for our physical, mental or spiritual health. In holistic health, correction begins with a self-inventory and investigation in which the individual identifies and then releases those things obstructing their natural healthy functioning.

A holistic health educator is someone that assists in navigating the challenges we face in life and through our own conscious awareness eliminate that which is not serving our health. By eliminating the obstacle to health, our system will return to its natural state of harmonious function in direct connection with nature, because it is through the fulfillment we feel by simply being which is inherently within us that we sustain the natural state of living.

Nature creates perfection in a sunrise, a sunset, a tree in the autumn changing colors, a newborn baby, a flower in the spring or freshly fallen snow. The inherent wellness lies simply by being our natural self. As we start to utilize the intelligence within us, nature puts us back in touch with nature by eliminating that which obstructs us.

Ikaro Phoenix is a certified Xolar Vibronics holistic health educator and natural lifestyle coach at 111 N. 1st, in Ann Arbor. For more info, call 734-210-046 or visit