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Viral Virulence Versus Immune System Integrity

by Thomas Kabisch

The virus is a curiosity in that it does not fulfill the definition of a living organism. It’s been identified in paleontological specimens 8,000 years of age. It is infinitesimally small, at 20-300 nm and known to humanity as the common cold as well as herpes, AIDS, childhood exanthems, viral hepatitis and meningitis to name a few.  The current coronavirus is a more virulent version of the 2002 SARS. Viruses also attack bacteria and plants. Discovered in 1892 by Dimitri Ivanovsky, it's thought to have evolved from plasmids—existing as independent virions, with the sole purpose of invading the cell, taking over its metabolic processes and reproducing itself while destroying its host cell.

Integrated Medicine has a wealth of treatment options. Ayurvedic medicine has the famous rasayana Chyawanprash while Oriental medicine has astragalus and patent formulas such as Yin Chiao. Western herbology offers echinacea, and allium from garlic. Homeopathy offers arsenicum album, allium cepa, and oscillococcinum. Colloidal silver, iodine, vitamins A, C and E, zinc as found in coldezze, grapefruit seed extract are a few nutraceuticals that have made a name for themselves. Vitamin D3 necessary for proper immune function is commonly found deficient. Fungi such as reishi, maitake, shitake and cordyceps with such extracts as AHCC, PSK and lentinan are documented by research as to their effectiveness. Yet this small sample of remedies is ignored by the dominant medical industry for patentable drugs.

Remember the immune system has a dual nature known as the innate and adaptive response.

Chinese medicine speaks of Wei Chi and Ayurvedic medicine refers to Ojas. Have you ever wondered why some people never get sick? Well, their immune system functions properly.

The innate response is immediate and initiates the four-day slower adaptive response where a memory cell is produced. The immune system does follow the "use it or loose it rule". The Type 1 interferon secreted by dendritic cells is the body’s response to viral invasion. The constantly mutating habit of viruses results in continuous new challenges. Following a coherent lifestyle offers the best solution.

Sleep deprivation is common in a "busyness" driven society. The remedy is regular sleep saturation achieved by taking opportunities to sleep until one is satisfied. Proper sleep follows the adage "early to bed, early to rise", meaning sleep after midnight is not as refreshing sleep.

We are solar beings. Stress weakens immunity and can be addressed with deep breathing exercises as well as stretching, brisk walks and aromatherapy. Remember the immune system circulation requires breath and muscle contraction. Trampoline use works best.

The gastrointestinal tract is the seat of most disease with seventy percent of the immune system potentially burdened by it. Large, full-bowel evacuations every morning are mandatory. Zhang Fu theory of Oriental Medina explains the bowels can burden the lungs.

A sympathetic dominated nervous system, over eating (especially meat), eating too quickly, eating when tired, over drinking with meals lead to gut dysfunction which leads to endogenous toxemia. Just walk into a pubic bathroom and take a deep breath. Exogenous toxemia from herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, synthetic chemicals and preservatives that kill gut flora are a concern. The answer is more organic food, much more steamed and fresh vegetables and fresh fruit in the morning such as apples, wild blueberries and cherries. Oats are a source of the immune stimulant beta glucans. Much of modern food is nutrient depleted so a sophisticated supplement program is important. Wim Hof has recently documented how controlled exposure to 35-55 degree water dramatically strengthens the immune system.

One of the best secrets for cold and flu treatment is eucalyptus oil. Its properties include anti-microbial, bronchodilation invigoration and increased pulmonary vascular circulation. Remember viral invasion is primarily through the respiratory tract. Essential oil blends can be atomized in the home to keep the air hostile to microbes. Flushing the home with fresh air on sunny winter days is a good habit. Remember to check your furnace filter. Black mold tends to grow in humidifiers. When sickness is in the home, we need hot soup not congesting grilled cheese. It provides hydration and warms the oral pharynx where the immune glands are located increasing their activity. Another secret is xylitol gum which is documented to sterilize the oral pharynx. After 46 years of studying health theory, I suggest a focus on following a healthy lifestyle especially if your a parent for the sake of your children. This leads to what I call a "Simple Life" where the need for complex medical procedures is averted.

Thomas Kabisch, DO, MD.h, offers intravenous therapy (vitamin C IV for flu available), age management programs and integrated general medical care. For more info, call 734-971-5483 or visit