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Test Results Matter

Dr. Kyle Wallner founded the Michigan Family Wellness Clinic in 2016 to serve Canton, Plymouth, Novi, Northville and Livonia. He practices muscle testing to communicate with the nervous system. This allows for adjustments and nutritional medicines to be tailored to specific needs. “At Michigan Family Wellness, we believe if you fuel your body, it will thrive; stress is the enemy, and the chiropractic adjustment is the foundation of the wellness lifestyle,” he advises. “We serve you through holistic health solutions utilizing chiropractic care and nutritional medicine.”

      Functional testing is available for  blood, hair, stool, urine and genetic analysis via Sterling’s app. Blood testing is performed by Cyrex Labs LabCorp. The office has all of the test kits available for patients to pick up free of charge.


Location: 2200 N. Canton Center Rd., Ste. 150, Canton. For appointments and more information, call 734-335-0533, email [email protected] or visit and