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Natural Awakenings of Greater Ann Arbor & Detroit / Wayne County Michigan

Age Like Wine, Not Milk

Guantong (Lucky Aaron) Li, R.Ac. OMD, and the other expert acupuncturists at Lucky Flow Acupuncture are personally and professionally invested in each patient’s healing journey. They approach every condition with thoughtful and thorough treatment plans to ensure holistic and long-term relief.

            In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the spleen is responsible for transforming and transporting qi, (energy), as well as controlling and holding blood in vessels. “While we talk about the spleen as an organ, we are actually referring to the whole digestive system and some aspects of the detoxification and circulatory systems, too,” says Li.

            “The spleen function is easily weakened by foods and environments that are cold or ‘damp’ in nature. Disharmony of the TCM spleen manifests as facial puffiness or lack of muscle tone, as well as digestive issues like bloating, food intolerances or bowel movement issues. Nourishing the spleen can assist not just benefiting its function, but as the basis for assisting all other system harmonies.”


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