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Where Northern Michigan Finds Balance

As the owner of Grand Traverse Reiki, Caitlin Watkins, a master reiki practitioner, is dedicated to creating a healthier, happier Grand Traverse community. She has used reiki to address acute pain, chronic pain, injuries, anxiety, depression, and insomnia. She has worked with people struggling with depression panic attacks, old injuries and post-traumatic stress disorder. She offers gentle, but powerful healing sessions that can help reclaim health, happiness and balance. Services by appointment include individual reiki sessions, distance reiki sessions and one-on-one meditation sessions.

     Her concept of energetic hygiene means, “When your hands get dirty, you wash them. Soap and water cleanliness is a familiar concept. Periodically, we clean ourselves and the spaces we inhabit. This is a healthy practice. Additionally, when we get dirty outside of the routine cleanings (like after gardening) we will probably wash our hands. These same principles can be applied to your energetic health. Periodically, we need to clean out old thoughts, emotions, muscle tension, etc., so that we can start from a clean slate.”


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