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A Hometown Atmosphere Prevails at Torch Cannabis Co

         Owner of Torch Cannabis Co and My TCBD Kelly Young says, “I have something for everyone. Most of my clients are over the age of 50 and they are not always comfortable with getting high, but they want relief. I have been able to create custom formulations for a few individuals who found a need for higher strength formulations and blends between different genetics of cannabis.”

         She advises, “I also am a huge advocate of helping folks in the recovery community who struggle with addiction understand how to use the plant in a form that works for them and keeps them so­ber. Recovery is my biggest passion, and where I find myself most eager to help others as I navigate into my niche within the market­place. I started a nonprofit called Free Relief, where I give away one of these formulations to cancer patients and veterans who suffer from PTSD. It is an honor to be of service in this way of helping people get access to the plant, kickstarting their healing process and helping them stay sober.”    

          Young strongly believes in using local products and organic bases with a whole plant approach. “Many cannabis companies focus on r efining the purity of CBD or THC, which eliminates the whole plant approach,” she notes. “Science has proven that the whole plant approach, including terpenes (think essential oils and scents), and those attributes of the plant play a role in one’s person­al experience in the efficacy of using cannabis.”

        Young has been a medical marijuana card holder since it be­came an option in 2008. “Once it was legal medically, I chose can­nabis as an option over opiates to help with my menstrual cramps. Then I started selling a CBD lotion to friends and family from 2015 to 2018 until I formed my own company and started making My TCBD products in 2018,” explains Young. “I love the slogan I use, ‘Lab Tested, Mother Approved’ because if I can get my mom to use it every day, I think there’s a good chance I can help other moms feel comfortable and find benefits using My TCBD products.”

    “It is an honor to be of service in this way of helping people get access to the plant, kickstarting their healing process and helping them stay sober.”

        Customers appreciate that Young gives them the knowledge of how cannabis works with the endocannabinoid system and how there are different grades of oi and delivery methods. “I explain the whole plant approach and why it’s important. When people say they have tried cannabis products in the past with no success, I ask them what they used and how they used it and then offer them a sample of my stuff to try.”

        One of her newest customers recently shared, “I struggle with Lupus and when I was getting low on your oil, I stopped taking it and immediately I’ve fallen back into pain and exhaustion. Smok­ing marijuana seems to only give me relief for a limited time. Plus I don’t like to be high all day. Your oil formulation just clears my head and easily lasts all day.” My TCBD products can be found at farmers’ markets and retail outlets like Village Markets and Torch Cannabis Co will be opening by December in downtown Central Lake as an adult use marijuana retail establishment.

       “I guarantee success by offering to help my customers figure out what will work for them. So if one of my products doesn’t work, I offer private consultations to help the individual determine what the best application is for them and we tie that into their own comfort levels,” says Young. “When I open Torch Cannabis Co in downtown Central Lake by the holidays, and it is there that I’ll be able to offer a more extensive product line beyond the My TCBD products offering all forms of cannabis for the individual to choose from.”


My TCBD and Torch Cannabis Co is located at 7957 State St., in downtown Central Lake next to Village Market. For more information, call 231-495-9885, email [email protected] for a private consulta­tion or visit Enroll in Free Relief at [email protected].