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Natural Awakenings of Greater Ann Arbor & Detroit / Wayne County Michigan

Clear Trauma and Create Peace of Mind with MariEl

MariEl is an energy healing process for clearing emotional and mental trauma and creating peace of mind. Mary Light, of the Ann Arbor School of Massage, offers one-hour sessions by appointment. She says, “Trauma could be anything from not feeling quite right to PTSD. One could feel as though their past and present need to be balanced, clarified and cleared. This happens during the integration period in-between sessions; the session itself is a catalyst for change.” Clients report clearing unexpected issues, patterns, beliefs, negativity, memories and pain. This is not counseling or analysis, and there is no need for disclosure or sharing of events. Blog at

            “We are a body, mind and energy system” advises Light. “Our experiences in life—physical, emotional, mental, spiritual—have been downloaded and stored somewhere in our body tissues and energy centers. This principle is accepted by numerous well-known energy medicine practitioners, including Caroline Myss, the late Delores Krieger, Donna Eden and others. We may have processed some of these experiences, but not released the energy. MariEl is not a psychotherapy or analytical session. The client’s body will release what is appropriate at the time and integrate it over the days ahead.” MariEl was created by Ethel Lombardi, who died in 2009.


The first session is $105, cash or check, then $75. For appointments, call 734-769-7794, email [email protected] or visit