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Smidge Kakadu Plum Capsules for Pure, Real Food Vitamin C

Smidge Small Batch Supplements is now offering Kakadu Plum capsules, a pure, real food vitamin C product. The Australian Kakadu Plum contains the highest amount of vitamin C of any food in the world. Smidge Kakadu Plum is grown and hand-harvested in small batches in Australia. It’s made entirely from the fresh purée of the non-GMO fruit, which is dehydrated with a gentle drying technique that uses infrared light rather than high heat to remove water. This method is unmatched in preserving the fruit’s natural vitamin C.

            For vitamin C to be most effective, it must come from real food rather than synthetic ascorbic acid. These capsules have no fillers, additives or common allergens. They’re easy on those with sensitive digestive systems and fit in with many dietary protocols. One serving of Smidge Kakadu Plum extract contains nearly 75 percent of the recommended daily value of vitamin C. Supplementing with unprocessed, whole-food vitamin C that contains no additives can support the immune system along with a clean, wholesome diet.


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