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How to Keep Your Health in Check During Flu Season

The flu is detected all year round, affecting everyone — regardless of age, gender, or nationality. But significant and rampant influenza activity starts in October and peaks in the months of December to February, otherwise known as the winter season. This is because the influenza virus thrives in colder, drier climates and can live longer inside houses in these conditions.

Since people spend most of their time indoors during the winter to keep themselves warm, the infection rate of the flu also increases. More people fall ill with the flu and catch a cold during winter, which is proof that we need to prepare ourselves for the upcoming influenza season.

In this article, we break down the best ways to make sure that our bodies are ready for the coming cold months and well-protected amid the flu outbreak.

Get Enough Sleep

For the human body to function properly, it’s important to get adequate sleep each night. For adults, the recommended period of sleep is at least seven hours uninterrupted. Adequate sleep helps the body build up a strong defense against infections and diseases, as well as helps our immune, nervous, and cardiovascular systems function more effectively.

Maintain Healthy Eating Habits

A well-balanced diet filled with vitamins and minerals is crucial to maintaining optimal health and wellness. During the flu season, individuals should stock up on Vitamin C, an essential nutrient that helps strengthen the body’s immune response.

During winter, it’s a good idea to consume Vitamin C-rich foods, such as citrus fruits, broccoli, potatoes, peppers, and brussels sprouts. In addition, taking supplements that are rich in nutrients also gives the body an additional boost to protect from certain diseases.

Clean the Surroundings

A lot of people wait until spring to clean their houses. But it’s actually more advantageous to conduct general cleaning during colder months, i.e. December to February. Because viruses thrive in cold and dry climates, they are given an optimal environment to flourish and infect home dwellers during the winter.

Cleaning and sanitizing the home should be done frequently during influenza season. This will not only get rid of unwanted guests but will also make us more comfortable all throughout the winter.

Wash Your Hands Properly

Since the beginning of the pandemic, there have been consistent reminders for everyone to wash their hands properly and frequently. Education on proper handwashing techniques is rampant nowadays, with infectious disease experts saying that proper handwashing involves lathering soap between the hands and rubbing it in for 20 seconds. 

How long a hand-washing routine lasts is crucial to protect against viruses. 20 seconds is the estimated time when the wax-like protection of viruses peels off, resulting in the penetration of soap and alcohol and thereby killing these microbes.

In short, people only get full protection after 20 seconds of washing with soap and water!

Final Note

With the stretch of the pandemic and the upcoming peak of the flu season, everyone must have their homes and bodies prepared. Strengthening the immune system in time for and throughout winter can go a long way in avoiding illnesses and diseases.

Although the above mentioned tips seem simple, they are proven effective in keeping the body in check and strengthening its ability to ward off viruses and prevent an individual from falling ill. With these simple but effective ways to prevent the flu, everyone can enjoy the winter season and stay warm at home without worrying about compromising their health.