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Torch Cannabis Co. Offers Connoisseur-Grade Cannabis

Torch Cannabis Co., located at 7957 State Street, in Central Lake, is planning to open this month. Torch Cannabis Co. serves as Antrim County’s first adult-use retail establishment. Torch Cannabis Co. is rooted in its passion of providing spiritually uplifting plant products to support holistic wellness and self-care regimens using a foundation of clean, organically grown cannabis. Their commitment is to connect individuals with a new self-care routine and exchange positive vibes while educating individuals about enhanced wellness using cannabinoid therapies.

      Lounge in the lobby or have a personalized conversation with a “cannasseur” about local strain offerings. From sativa-dominant standbys like Blue Dream, balanced hybrids like Apple Fritter and indica-dominant sleeper hits, including Biscotti Pancakes, they have a tasty rotation of organically grown strains to choose from. Torch Cannabis Co will also be carrying My TCBD products, which is a true vertical Northern Michigan grown and handcrafted full- spectrum CBD product line.  Additionally, access to Free Relief, the nonprofit that gifts free cannabinoid oil to cancer patients and veterans, will be made available to those that qualify for the free program.

            Founder and CEO Kelly Young is passionate about providing safe, comfortable and convenient access to organically grown cannabis and innovative infused products. She says, “Our conveniently located retail storefront serves consumers with our focus being on helping the cannabis curious individuals understand how cannabis works and pairing their goals with the best-in-class products.  Our Torch Team is specially trained to offer comprehensive guidance on cannabis-elevated holistic wellness, information on how products work and consumption-best practices. I will be offering private one-on-one consultations via Zoom to those who may wish to have a more private conversation. And I hope that by the new year, assuming construction and licensing moves swiftly, we will have our production facility open where we will be offering our unique custom blends that have not yet been introduced into the commercial marketplace.”


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