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Get Started at Pure Pilates

Pure Pilates, with three private studios and a group studio, all equipped with high-end, Stott-manufactured equipment, including the Cadillac, Reformer, stability chair, ladder barrel and small apparatus, are an effective means of improving health and quality of life. For those new to Pilates, the Getting Started Package comprises four, 45-minute sessions that teach the basics, modifications to stay safe and how to use the Reformer.

      Owner Jennifer Cutler is a certified Stott Pilates instructor. She says, “After 20 years of teaching and practicing Pilates, my thoughts on Pilates have evolved. When I first started my practice, I loved how amazing I felt and how my body changed. Soon after, I noticed my neck pain from an injury decreased and my posture improved. My most rewarding experience with Pilates has been watching how it has helped so many of our clients feel better and increase their quality of life!”


Location: 1371 Gray Dr., Ste. 400,Traverse City. For a private session or more information, call 231-218-4849 or visit