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Good Vibrations

It’s February, and we are celebrating the healing power of love. If you are looking for some creative and fresh ways to express love, look no further; sprinkled throughout this issue you will find some sweet and healthy ideas to gift your loved ones.

      Defying long-held assumptions of Western medicine, emotions processed by the brain are being shown to play a vital part in cardiac health, and the heart is increasingly shown to affect cognitive health. Emotions like anger, depression and anxiety are now conclusively linked to heart attacks and strokes, while optimism and other positive emotions can reverse markers of heart disease. Discover heart-and-brain-healthy strategies in “The Heart-Mind Connection: How Thoughts and Emotions Affect Our Heart Health.”

            Most of us refer to love as an emotion, but in essence, love is a verb—a powerful call to action that not only inspires, but heals. Mother Teresa said, “We can cure physical diseases with medicine, but the only cure for loneliness, despair and hopelessness is love.” With our willingness to both give and receive, and to gift one another with our full and authentic presence, all else is possible. Learn more in “Living in the Frequency of Love.”

            Connecting with a beloved one on the intimate level is one of life’s most precious gifts, and we can deepen its life-giving value by taking the time to communicate on a level where we’re willing to be vulnerable. This way, we can begin to experience sex as a sacred act that initiates healing for both parties. “Truly Making Love: Sex and Intimacy as a Healing Force” shares some helpful steps in getting clear through conversation what our partners really want.

            Dr. David Perlmutter, the prominent neurologist and bestselling author, chimes in on the “Role of Uric Acid in Metabolic Health” and speaks about the key role uric acid elevation plays in metabolic syndrome, which affects up to 88 percent of Americans. High levels of uric acid lead to unhealthy blood sugar levels, increased production and storage of fat and high blood pressure. Levels can be lowered by taking high-fructose items like sodas off the table.

            Children learn habits, attitudes and values by observing and mimicking their parents—which can be a double-edged sword. Actions speak louder than words. According to a Yale University study, modeling calm and supportive behavior to an anxious child rather than concurring with their fears helps them cope with the anxiety and develop the self-confidence to face it head-on. Learn more in our Healthy Kids department, “Parents as Role Models: How to Help Kids Discover Positive Behaviors.”

            We invite you to open your heart so we can all collectively raise our vibration to new heights. If we feel love and have compassion for ourselves, we will expand our capacity to feel more love and deepen our compassion for others naturally. The simple act of putting our hand over our heart in difficult moments can instantly transcend troubled times and remind us to speak, listen and live not from our mind, but from our heart—from the frequency of love.

            As always, we are most thankful for your readership and belief in this publication, and rejoice in your support!

A great big hug to you … Happy Valentine’s Day!

Our Love,

Trina and John

Owners / Publishers