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Maintain Oral Hygiene at Ann Arbor’s Dentist

Flu season is upon us, and maintaining a healthy mouth has never been more important for keeping away bio-toxins and inflammation to prevent virus transmission. The dental care providers at Ann Arbor’s Dentist include board-certified biological dentists and naturopaths with training in nutrition, remineralization and cavity prevention.

            They are currently using ADS Extraoral aerosol suction, Isolite Intraoral suction, Radic8 Virus Killer, Ozone, UVC, antiviral fabrics and materials, triple HEPA, N95, and N100 face shields and prescreening of all patients. ZOOM and TeleDentistry appointments are available.

            Ozone, lasers and both fluoride- and gluten-free products promote an alkaline pH, reduce inflammation and remineralize teeth for a successful flu season. Ann Arbor’s Dentist practitioners are able to custom create a systemic-focused health plan with a holistic foundation to solve imbalances instead of throwing Band-Aids at the problem.


Location: 606 W. Stadium Blvd., Ann Arbor. For more information and to make appointments, call 734-747-6400 or visit