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Fibromyalgia Can Be Treated

Healing Hands Physical Therapy treats the whole person, not just symptoms. They delve into the underlying causes of dysfunction and develop a personalized recovery plan. An integrative approach means bringing several parts together to empower patients in their journey toward health.

            When pain is widespread throughout the body and accompanied by fatigue, changes in mood and sleep patterns, it may be a sign of fibromyalgia, a term used to describe a group of symptoms. Many people first experience these symptoms after a physically or emotionally traumatic event. Others begin having pain after bouts of chronic stress or depression, while some have symptoms that build over time.

            One of the most effective ways of managing symptoms can be found in the physical therapy, low-impact movement and muscle strengthening. Cardiovascular exercise, together with postural strengthening activities, not only relieves widespread pain, but also increases energy levels, improve sleep and elevate mood.


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