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Lymph Drainage Therapy at Alice Huang’s

Alice Huang’s Chinese Natural Therapies is offering lymph drainage therapy, a preventative measure used to reduce toxic waste buildup within the lymphatic system in the body. LBG lymphatic therapy rebalances the electromagnetic charge of the cells, using cold gas ionization produced by the LBG tool. Symptoms include skin changes, skin discoloration, blisters, leaking of fluid from the skin and infection.

      Using the cold gas photons and low-energy electromagnetic frequency patterns, LBG therapy removes lymphatic drainage comprised of viruses, bacteria and fungi that are attached to the waste materials. Lymph drainage therapy helps resolve back pain, headaches, chronic pain, joint pain and swelling, intestinal problems, abnormal growths, congested breast tissue, fatigue and more.

      They offer a variety of treatments based on Chinese natural remedies. Each client undergoes a thorough evaluation of the symptoms they are experiencing and their medical history before receiving a treatment plan or combination of different treatment options. Each client’s condition can be different, although most treatment sessions average between three and seven sessions per person.


Location: 2939 1st St., Wyandotte. For appointments and more information, visit