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The Future of Food has Arrived

The Grow Store was founded in 1997 at the beginning of the indoor growing boom. In 2009, the owners opened the store to both traditional gardeners and medical cannabis patients to provide healthy natural ways for them to grow their own food and medicine.

            Gardening indoors under intense light year-round, or even on the porch during the summer, is extremely therapeutic. Stress release, a focused mind, lowered blood pressure and myriad other benefits all accrue because of gardening. The Grow Store supplies expertise, integrity and honesty. They like to educate customers as far as they will go, with a goal to assist them with all of their growing needs.

            Customer service and education are key. They treat the business as the profession it is, and take care of customers just as they would want to be taken care of. Store cleanliness is always prioritized. Knowing that customers can count on them is a source of pride.

            Indoor growing, hydroponics and LED lighting are the future, when better quality homegrown food costs a fraction of what it does now, right in our own homes.


The Grow Store is located at 90 N. U.S. 31 S., in Traverse City. For more information, call 231-421-5191 or email [email protected]