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Order Ahead for an Organic Turkey Day

Pure Pastures is providing soy-free turkeys for the first time. Quantity is limited, and size is smaller. Their regular, free-range, pastured, non-GMO birds are fed a blend of whole grains, vegetables, greens and herbal supplements. Sizes run from 10 to 30 pounds. Fresh boneless breast, bone-in breast, bone-in thigh, drums, wings, giblets, necks and tails are all available.

            Pure Pastures also carries a full line of organic groceries, eggs, dairy, honey and more. Their motto is, “Forget a butcher—know your farmer!” They offer a healthy alternative to the factory-farmed meats sold in every supermarket and deli. The meats come directly from local farmers, as well as organic produce such as beets, dates, mushrooms, lettuce, broccoli, green beans, peppers, cauliflower and spinach, in season.

            Grass-fed beef generally comes from cattle that eat only grass and other foraged foods throughout their lives. Often, conventional beef cattle eat a diet that includes grains such as corn and even rejected candy—anything to fatten them up fast.


Locations: 23309 Ford Rd., Dearborn (313-406-6282); 1192 Ann Arbor Rd., Plymouth (734-927-6951). Turkey pickups are Sun. through Wed. Thanksgiving week  and home delivery is available. For more information, visit