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Unique Diagnostic Test at Moor Herbs

Moor Herbs is a real health food store, serving alkaline water, herbal remedies, grab-n-go healthy comfort food, fresh juices and health consultations, as well as hosting educational/inspirational community events. Their non-invasive diagnostic appointment is a complete health check complete with a bioresonance 7D-NLS analysis, treatment, remedy preparation, nutrition suggestions and supplement testing.

            Bioresonance therapy measures the frequency of energy wavelengths coming from the body. It does not interfere with conventional treatments and is suitable for children, adults and even sensitive patients.

            They also sell a host of healthy beauty products such as lotions, deodorants and shaving products made to order to ensure freshness. Brands include Isaiah Orton-Bey, Sheik, and Health Guru.


Location: 16140 W. 7 Mile Rd., Detroit. For more info, call 313-583-9709, email [email protected] or visit