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Fresh Beginnings

Happy Earth Month dear readers, as April puts on a new playlist of birdsong. What better time to celebrate Mother Earth? Living in the north makes it especially wonderful to see that spring is on the horizon and arriving soon. When spring unfolds, we witness nature transforming itself into an exquisite, yet untamed beauty, inspiring a sense of excitement and optimism. This month, we put a big focus on NATURE and getting outside.

       As the world reels from pandemic and war, we can invite nature back into our lives and landscapes to help us recharge and reset. Visiting national parks is something the whole family will enjoy, and can help cultivate love of nature in our children. We can invite nature into our own backyards, as well, and reading “Why We Need Wild Places” shows us why turning our lawns into natural landscapes by replacing invasive species with native ones and getting rid of pesticides and herbicides is a great idea for us and the planet.

            Smartphones don’t have to be a mindless distraction; instead, with the aid of an app when out in nature, we can quickly identify mushrooms, bugs, birds, wildflowers and other flora and fauna. Many apps allow a user to photograph and post a finding, to ask questions about what they’re seeing and to interact with scientists to share their findings. Find out more in “Technology Meets Nature: Apps Bring Us Closer to Flora and Fauna.”

            Kids are natural storytellers, and one of the best ways to develop a love of nature in them is to weave storytelling into their outdoor experiences. The characters of their stories can be the plants, animals and rocks around them. In “Nature Speaks: Storytelling Connects Kids to the Natural World,” you’ll find many ideas that are not only fun, but also provide rich, lifelong learning experiences that are valuable and practical.

            The sober-inclined are no longer stuck at gatherings nursing a seltzer; today they can sip from a vast array of sophisticated beverages—from faux vodka in exotic crafted drinks to prize-winning sparkling wines and low- and no-alcohol craft beer. On the home front, people are making their own concoctions, often with natural and herbal ingredients such as pears, tomatoes, cilantro and spices. Check out “Buzz-Free Drinking: The Healthy Rise of Non-Alcoholic Beverages” to discover an alternative way to celebrate life with a clear mind and a healthy liver.

            Tuning into nature is the best thing we can ever do to foster our well-being and sanity. The harmonious sounds of nature, as well as the sound of silence, enable us the opportunity to hear our inner voice. The quietude brings deep peace and balance to our whole being. We hope this edition inspires you and your family to get outside and partake of Earth’s bounty.

Plant your thoughts and see your ideas blossom and unfold!