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Beso Wellness Cannabis-Infused Products

Beso Wellness uses a cannabidiol (CBD)-based formula combined with black seed oil, sometimes containing frankincense and myrrh, herbs found in the Bible and the Koran. The combinations give people the relief they need without having to rely on drugs, opiates or other harmful, addictive substances.

            Owner Megan Blackwell  says, “As a massage therapist in Los Angeles, I work with numerous NFL, UFC and NBA professional athletes, performers and a lot of people with pain. I wanted to do something about it that hadn’t been done before. Having an understanding of cannabis and its reputation for healing over the centuries inspired me to make the formulas. I then used them on my clients with great, consistent results and the testimonials speak for themselves.”

            Beso Wellness products are designed to address the pain and discomfort without getting people high. They are safe, natural and effective. “Some say they feel a sort of body high that is relaxing and stress relieving, but much different than using cannabis,” advises Blackwell. “I want to help millions of people, as well as represent and inspire more women to take advantage of the vast opportunities that are here for us. Women lead in so many fields; not only sports and entertainment, but everywhere! We can run companies and stand out in this industry, too.”

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