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New Anti-Stress Program at NeuroFitness Wellness Center

NueroFitness Wellness Center, offering flotation, cryo, Himalayan salt and neurofeedback therapies, has introduced a new, six-week Stress Release Program package that includes a free 30-minute consultation. Variable fees start at $49 per week for a 60-minute float session.

The program includes weekly transformational float therapy sessions; a self-reflection journal; a personal wellness accountability coach for the entire duration; the 4-Step Guide To Releasing Stress In 10 Minutes Or Less Each Day; five transformational exercises designed to maximize relaxation; a dedicated float therapy room throughout the challenge; world-class online support group; and more.

Owner  and Medical Director Mark Kelley, M.D., says, “Life since March has been one long serving of stress, day after day. Our six-week stress release program is designed to attack stress directly by introducing a proven methodology for reducing stress—floatation therapy—which if used regularly, limits the production of the stress hormone cortisol in our systems. In addition, our program works with you to change the habits (poor sleep and nutrition, reduced or no exercise routine, difficult personal relationships, etc.) that contribute to your overall stress.”


Location: 6360 Jackson Rd., Ann Arbor. For more information, call 734-206-2012 or email [email protected]