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Natural Awakenings of Greater Ann Arbor & Detroit / Wayne County Michigan

Giving Thanks

Chronic diseases like diabetes are some of today’s biggest health challenges, and many people feel that conventional medicine is failing to deal with them properly. We need to take an objective look at the deeply embedded systems that perpetuate chronic illnesses and build a better healthcare system to address the underlying causes of medical conditions, as opposed to just treating and masking symptoms.

A sobering fact is that almost one in three Americans has pre-diabetes and one in 10 has the disease itself. This month, we explore diabetes and its growing numbers in most age groups. The good news is that researchers are increasingly identifying lifestyle strategies that lower the risk and harm of the disease.

Within the Natural Awakenings community, you will find a number of physicians and practitioners challenging traditional modalities and making a difference. These are the practitioners that approach health care by examining diet, lifestyle, genetics, epigenetics, gut bacteria, thyroid function and more.

Empower yourself and improve your health, with positive affirmations, writing yourself mini-love letters, gently dancing away your pain and practicing yoga postures. These are just a few simple steps that can propel a positive change in attitude. Learn more in “Body Gratitude” and change your exercise routine from a task into a gift by augmenting it with gratitude directed toward our body, which shifts our focus from outer approval to inner joy.

Even though Thanksgiving may be a smaller affair this year, we can still enjoy a scrumptious meal with creative plant-based side dishes and desserts. Be sure to check out our Conscious Eating department feature, “Giving Thanks for a Healthy Feast: How to Lighten Up Thanksgiving Fare” and discover that, with a little creativity and lots of flavor, our treasured American holiday need not suffer.

We especially love how spiritually nourishing Thanksgiving time can be too and it feels good to remind each other just how special we are to one another. In this season of gratitude, let us each take time to be mindfully present in all of the fulfilling moments that make us feel whole!

From our hearts to yours, we are grateful for all your support.

Wishing you all love and health,