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Natural Awakenings of Greater Ann Arbor & Detroit / Wayne County Michigan

Christ-Centered Yoga Instruction

Trina Lynn Campbell is the owner of Sacred Space Yoga Centre, a minister with Frontline Christian Church and an adjunct professor at Wayne State University, as well as a master yoga instructor and reflexology therapist. She was born in Detroit and strives to play a role in its rebirth. Campbell says she stumbled across Christian yoga 15 years ago when she decided to add worship music to her normal yoga practice. After that, her practice and direction changed, teaching yoga strictly from a Christian/inspirational space.

Campbell opened Sacred Space Yoga Centre (SSYC) in 2015, and says, “SSYC is not an ordinary yoga studio, it is a place where emotional, physical and spiritual healing takes place.” The Centre offers yoga, reflexology services, education on the potency of essential oils for overall health and lately, cooking demos with her husband.

She is highly sought-after as a speaker on the benefits and knowledge of Christians practicing yoga. Her expertise is focused on seniors, children and those looking to use yoga to offset illnesses and relieve stress. Campbell states that hers is a calling from God, and her steps are ordered. “Sacred Space Yoga Centre aspires to be an extension of God’s love by unselfishly serving, encouraging and positively impacting lives,” she advises. “We endeavor to assist all in finding and maintaining their personal space of physical, mental and spiritual healing.”

Their vision is to be the global catalyst, standard and influencer of Christ-centered yoga, and the conduit for living a healthy lifestyle. They offer therapeutic services to facilitate healing and transformation, and teacher training designed to enhance skills and broaden horizons, plus annual retreats to revitalize, refresh and renew mind, body and spirit.

Programs lead to several different certifications, including a certified yoga teacher (CYT) designation for those that wish to study inspirational yoga, or a Christ-centered yoga teacher (CCYT) designation for those interested in Christ-centered yoga.

Sacred Space Yoga Centre is located at 4801 Chrysler Dr., in Detroit. For more information, call 313-352-6788 or visit