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Yoga Classes for All Levels at Good Vibz

At Good Vibz Yoga, all classes are beginner-friendly, with focus on mind-body connection. They offer hatha, restorative, vinyasa and intuitive flows, while the mindful movements practice for children is a beginner flow with yoga poses, dancing and fun. Classes for both adults and children offer similar benefits, with a tailored approach to individual learning styles. Owner Chantia Thompson says, “Our vibe is a good one, welcoming, positive, empowering for each student on their own personal journey.”

Programs include a 200-hour Starseed Yoga Immersion, a 50-hour Ganja Yoga training and Breathing Exercise training. In progress are a 95-hour Children’s Yoga training and Mindfulness training. Adults learn about better breathing techniques, improving functional flexibility and strength, managing and minimizing aches and pains, and regulating the nervous system. Children’s classes build mind-body awareness, promote emotional well-being, improve focus, boost self-esteem and manage anxiety and other challenging feelings.

Thompson explains, “I started as a student to deepen my personal practice. Having yoga in my life was very helpful through many deeply challenging times, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I’ve always had a passion for helping others to find hope, support and motivation to improve their lives, so the decision to pursue yoga teacher training was a choice to benefit myself and others.”

She shares, “Through the genuine support and motivation from like-minded students and teachers, I deepened my connection to my true self and have grown exponentially as a result. The rewards have been bountiful. They show in the way I move through the world attracting the right people and opportunities to promote my continued growth and development.”

Thompson has created two impact groups; Girlz Empowered, for tweens and teenage girls ages from 8 to 13 years old, and S.H.E. (She Has Everything), a monthly womxn’s wellness and support group that creates an inclusive space centered around empowerment, yoga, meditation and journaling. “Our values within Good Vibz Yoga are to inspire, motivate and contribute to the growth and success of all our students, inside and outside of class,” notes Thompson. “We promote healthy habits and consistency to help adults and children in their personal development via mindfulness, sustainable movement, gratitude, breathwork and supportive sharing/listening. I am currently working to locate suitable spaces and add qualified, aligned instructors to my team to expand our services to those who need them the most during these challenging times.”

Good Vibz Yoga is located in Plymouth. For more information, call 313-982-2465 or visit