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Take Performance to the Edge—and Beyond

Edge delivers both physical and mental energy, instantly improving mood, motivation, metabolism and brain power, as well as progressive anti-aging benefits and loss of belly fat over time. Mango leaf, one of the main ingredients in Edge, will help achieve laser-level focus, mental clarity and increased stamina almost instantaneously. Edge is caffeine-free, sugar-free, non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free and certified by the Banned Substances Control Group.

Mango leaf extract (Zynamite) has a long history of use in tropical areas where mangoes are grown as a “body and brain tonic” to elevate mental and physical energy levels. Recently, mango leaf extracts have been shown to be high in anti-inflammatory compounds called xanthones. These high-xanthone extracts have been studied in seven clinical trials, showing enhanced mental energy (cognitive performance, brain electrophysiology and reaction time) and improved sports performance (higher power output, reduced fatigue and accelerated post-exercise recovery).

Lychee fruit extract (Oligonol) is extremely rich in highly-absorbed polyphenols, including catechin monomers and proanthocyanidin oligomers, and has been shown in more than two-dozen clinical trials to reduce body weight, waist circumference by more than an inch, and visceral (belly) fat by 12 percent compared to baseline and placebo over 10 weeks. In addition, lychee fruit extract has also been shown to reduce the stress hormone cortisol and inflammatory cytokines IL-6 and IL-1beta in a four-week, randomized, controlled trial—and after12 weeks has been shown to improve skin tone, texture, smoothness and resiliency (reduction in appearance of freckles/blemishes and wrinkle length/depth).

Palm fruit extract (palm fruit bioactives complex – PFBc) - contains a unique collection of water-soluble polyphenols (shikimic acid and several derivatives) that support optimal total cardiac output, a decreased workload or pressure on the heart and a reduction of oxidative and inflammatory stress to help preserve mental wellness. Preclinical research in animals has demonstrated the potent antioxidant properties of palm fruit bioactives (PFBs), which include the upregulation of specific phase II detoxifying enzymes, a decrease in levels of reactive oxygen species and an increase in the level of intracellular glutathione and heme oxygenase, both of which can profoundly protect delicate heart and brain cells from cellular stress.

            The beta-amyloid peptide appears to play a key role in the decrease of brain function over time, eventually leading to dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. In several preclinical research studies in animals, PFB has been shown to inhibit beta-amyloid aggregation, potentially protecting the brain from age-induced damage. PFB has also been shown to increase levels of nitric oxide synthase and higher levels of nitric oxide, leading to vasodilation of blood vessels; improved oxygen delivery to the heart, muscles, and brain; and overall improvements in physical performance and mental fitness.

            Recent clinical trials on PFB supplementation in moderately stressed subjects have shown a dramatic increase in oxidation-reduction potential, suggesting not only that PFB can directly protect cells from stress, but it can also enhance the internal cellular machinery that allows the cells to actively protect themselves. In addition, PFB supplementation resulted in a 22 percent improvement in levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor, a major contributor to neuronal plasticity, and with improved mood and memory, as well as substantial improvements in psychological mood state (50 percent lower depression indices and 25 percent lower fatigue indices), suggesting a dual heart/brain benefit from the collection of flavonoids in PFB.


Price is one for $69.95, two for $129.95 and $10 off the first order with code 68754. Kellie Ziehm is a Amare Global wellness partner. To order, call 734-344-2339, email [email protected] or visit