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Refillery Lives Up to its Name

Reuse is an old idea whose time has come. By reviving reusability, companies and consumers are basically repackaging an old idea. They are recasting themselves as modern-day milkmen, offering containers that consumers can return for refilling again and again. The Refillery eco-friendly store, in the Grand Traverse Commons, uses the process of refill, rinse and repeat. They offer refillable personal care, household cleaning products and everyday plastic alternatives, reducing single-use plastics one refill at a time. Delivery is available.

            Owner Sarah Lange says, “The Refillery also has many sustainable products for purchase like reusable storage bags, straws, stainless steel containers, handmade soaps, beeswax candles, eco-friendly beauty products and more!” After she’s finished with a product, she sends it back to her provider and they refill it for her, so less plastic is being used.

            Only 14 percent of plastic packaging is collected for recycling globally. Because of complexities in the recycling process, huge amounts of single-use plastic, glass and cardboard ultimately end up getting burned or tossed into landfills anyway.


Location: 800 Cottageview Dr., Ste. 10, Traverse City. For more information, visit