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Spirit-Infused Serenity

To discover the simplicity of a spiritual life and find inspiration within the everyday is sought out by multitudes today. When we pay attention to and nurture our body, mind and soul, we increase self-awareness and expand our capacity to deepen connections with the world around us.

      In these days when so many of us are feeling separated and isolated, situations that bring people together in small groups offer participants valuable opportunities for healing and wholeness. These community gatherings, known as wisdom circles, story circles or prayer circles, invite people to share experiences, find creative solutions to societal issues and mentor each other’s growth. Our main feature, “Circles of Healing,” offers some best practices for starting and maintaining one of these sacred ensembles.

            Our Wise Words department highlights bestselling author, Jungian-based psychotherapist and former monk Thomas Moore speaking about the “Art of Soulful Listening”. This is a must-read, as he discusses why too often today we debate rather than converse, and why it’s important to find peace within ourselves so we can listen well. He finds reasons to be an optimist because we are slowly evolving into a more humane community of Earth beings.

            Despite our best efforts, holiday time can frazzle our nerves and snag us in an unhealthy loop of overindulgence. But we can avoid that pitfall with such strategies as five-minute bursts of exercise or dancing and eating foods like berries and walnuts to boost serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain. “Holiday Zen” explains why power naps and conscious mouth breathing are powerful, effective ways to restore balance in the body quickly.

            In addition to getting enough sleep, exercise and nutritious foods, we can boost our immunity during this stressful season by adding specific adaptogens and mushroom powders into our daily routine. “Amp Up Immunity” explains why such adaptogens as panax ginseng and mushrooms like reishi perform specific functions in the immune system that keep our body in balance and boost our resistance to illness.

            In the ancient world, fire festivals marked holy days celebrating the sun’s promise of return in a time of hardship. Today, something inside our ancestral memory makes us crave celebration as we wrap the year’s end in shiny ribbon, ethereal lights and scented candles. “Season of Light” offers ideas to treat our senses by buying a few yards of red velvet to sleep on or picking up a long-anticipated novel to balance out the long winter ahead.

            Over the years, we have come to love and appreciate winter. The time change and the sun setting earlier naturally makes it a time to slow down and get to bed earlier, rise earlier to enjoy the quietude of the morning and face the day’s bustle with more ease and grace.

            With the magic of the holidays in the air and need for a few gifts, please be sure to visit our Natural Awakenings advertisers and distributors. They’ll help you find the perfect gift for everyone on your list. ‘Tis the season to be jolly; look all around, there is much to celebrate and be grateful for as 2022 draws near!


May warmth, joy and love surround you this holiday season and always,

Trina and John

Owners / Publishers