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Specialized Compounding Pharmacy Services

Superior Compounding Pharmacy is an independent pharmacy that specializes in making patient-specific sterile and non-sterile preparations. They combine, or “compound”, different ingredients to create a specific medication that is not commercially available. This service is useful for patients that cannot find the medication they need, but also for physicians that want to provide their patients with treatments that are more tailored to their needs. Specialized medications can be picked up or delivered.

            Instead of just relying on what’s available on the market, physicians can now prescribe medications based on the exact needs of patients to not only ensure that they recover from their illness, but also reduce the risks for complications and adverse effects.

            Compounding pharmacies are not mandated by law to become accredited, but Superior Compounding Pharmacy is accredited through the high comprehensive compliance standards of the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board.


Location: 46983 Five Mile Rd., Plymouth. For more information, call 734-404-6065 or visit