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Love in Action

What an exciting time to be alive, as longstanding boundaries are unraveling and outdated standards are changing. We can see it all around us; humanity is beckoning for an evolution in the way we conduct and live our lives. Through heightened self-awareness, we can expand our capacity to deepen connections on every level, and it is becoming apparent that this interconnectedness may allow us to solve age-old problems for the good of all.

            This month’s feature story, “Transforming Our World,” is all about such collaborative initiative, exploring a deep desire that—together—we will have the courage to do what is right, gain the skills to protect our health and freedom and live a life that is peaceful and sustainable for the whole planet and all of mankind. We owe this to the next generation and to our ancestors who have given so much. But we will need to adopt innovative methods of learning, discovery and connection to bring about this creative transformation. Are you with us?

            Over the years, I have experienced significant changes within myself and in my relationships as I applied many of the principles within these pages. For instance, I have made a conscious effort to remember compassion when I am faced with conflict. I almost always try to imagine my feet in another person’s shoes to grasp an understanding of where their perspectives, feelings and motives might be coming from, even when it may be challenging to do so. I have since learned it can take a good amount of emotional maturity to consistently respond from my heart and not just with my analytical mind. I’m happy to say that with remembrance and continued discipline, acting from love has become second nature to me now and taught me a great deal. The rewards have been wonderful, too. My body and mind stay more in harmony with my true authenticity, thus nurturing my spirit and soul, as well.

            Many of us invest in making healthy choices on a physical level throughout the year, but neglect changes and actions that bring about this kind of soul sustenance. To close the year with grace, we invite you to kick off your shoes, curl up in your favorite chair, sip a delicious, warm beverage and fully connect with your heart space on this question: What can I do to foster peace within my own life going forward? If you need a little nudge, this month’s Inspiration department, “A Feast of Light,” offers some suggestions, including making the choice of joy each day, letting go of  grievances and outdated beliefs, taking the time to tell someone that they are what brings light into your life or better yet, shining your own light out onto a world in need.

            The holiday season is a time when these things seem to matter more. While it can be personally rewarding to make small, meaningful changes at home and within, sharing the loving blessings of the season with others can be an amazing gift with endless ripple effects. Perhaps this month you can get into the spirit by volunteering time or funds to meaningful causes and underprivileged individuals. Doing so will spread good will easily, and you will also experience the bliss of giving back. Teaching our children the value of this kind of generosity and kindness is not just good for the world, it’s good for our kids, too. Here’s to love in action!

            May all the blessings of peace, love and joy be yours and take wing throughout the world as we look to a new year of transformation for all.


With love,

John and Trina