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Removing Obstacles to Calmness

Tatianah Thunberg, LMSW, owner of Spirit Moves, provides somatic coaching. She says, “Often there is a sense of overwhelm that brings people to seek the support of a coach. One’s mind stream, emotions, physical sensations, reactions to stimuli and relationships are impacted by a level of distress. In sessions, we can address what is most alive in you, following the channels that are most open into the ones that are most closed.”

            Thunberg explains, “Removing the obstacles to clear seeing and calm abiding, authenticity and vitality often requires a holistic approach to be truly transformative. I bring together the tools of cognitive, somatic, expressive arts, transpersonal, attachment, polyvagal and trauma-informed practices with contemplative movement, hatha yoga, reiki and energy work. Together, we cultivate a trustworthy container to explore the causes and conditions that are obstructing you from being present to greater love and generativity.”

Location: Atria Business Park Center, 2020 Hogback Rd., Ste. 11, Ann Arbor. For more information, call 734-206-2867, email [email protected] or visit