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Natural Awakenings of Greater Ann Arbor & Detroit / Wayne County Michigan

The Grand Web of Life

John & Trina

In the spirit of the season, we rightly turn our attention to metaphysical matters, most notably Linda Sechrist’s uplifting feature, “The Emerging Power of ‘We’: Awakening to the Evolution of Community.” Here you’ll find a compelling argument that collective wisdom, collaborative change and the need to evolve from a culture of “me” to a culture of “we” may be the key to addressing the major challenges that confront humankind.

It all starts with how we communicate with each other in our families, workplaces and communities; the way we conduct our affairs must come from a place in our hearts. We need each one of us together to build collective peace, love and unity. Bring your happiness to others—and help yourself in a small, but good way in the process.

Aside from the spiritual aspects, hard scientific research across disciplines such as physics and biology continues to prove that in reality, everything and everyone is linked into a coherent whole. “No man is an island”, and we as individuals do not exist separately from the rest of mankind nor from our planet—we are, indeed, one.

In addition to feeding the soul, we focus on nourishing ourselves with Earth-friendly holiday practices, serving vegan treats, reducing food waste and choosing safe and eco-smart pet toys. Just being a more conscientious helps ensure we have a happier and healthier holiday.

Celebrating classic holiday traditions is part of the rich family heritage we pass on to our children. But every generation has its opportunity to add new chapters to these rituals, which can offer lessons in caring, compassion and conservation.

It’s our choice… the possibilities, and the potential good we can do for each other, are endless.

We send blessings of peace, love and joy to each of you,

Trina & John