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Natural Awakenings of Greater Ann Arbor & Detroit / Wayne & Monroe Counties Michigan

A Weekend of Self-Discovery and Cleansing

Nov 30, 2019 04:40PM

David M. Hall

Song of the Morning will host a yoga retreat, Letting Go, Beginning Again: Practical Tools for Hard Times, with David M. Hall from 5 p.m., December 27, to 2 p.m., December 29, in Vanderbilt, Michigan. This annual retreat centers on a practical approach to the science behind spirituality. This weekend is designed to be accessible to those on all levels of personal practice, path and belief system. Participants will have the support and guidance to refine, reset, establish and deeper their practice, wherever they are at in their journey.

The group will enjoy a dynamic, focused flow to move energy, clarify, balance and ground. Through a series of proven, scientific techniques drawn from spiritual traditions across the planet, they will explore the inner world together and dissolve the illusory barrier between the outer world. Based on basic principles found in nature and exemplified by the permaculture movement, the way to return to a simpler, natural way of life is not complicated.

Attendees will discover and name that which stands in our way and take steps to face our shadows and blockages. Through the practices of chi kung, mindfulness, meditation, yogic sciences and pranayama, among others, it is surprising how much can shift in such a short time when the effort, intention and focus is there. Creating a safe, supportive space together, they will breathe, process and let go. Together, everyone will share, feel, listen and practice in order to prepare for what is to come in 2020.

Cost is $144; housing and meals are arranged separately. Scholarships available. Location: 9607 Sturgeon Valley Rd. E., Vanderbilt. For more information, call 989-983-4107 or visit