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Relaxed Driving is Safer Driving

Nov 30, 2019 03:10PM
Here’s an easy way to feel more relaxed when driving. Our nervous system gets good at what it does often. It has lots of practice reacting to stress. The reaction patterns of stress are primarily tightening in the front or back of the body.

When we have fear or need to withdraw, the front tightens. When called to go into action, the back is reflexively tightened. Posture is greatly influenced by these well-practiced tensions.

When we are driving, adjust the tilt of the seat to have as little tension in the front and back of the body as possible. Find an easy midway place to be. Allow the seat to support the body and adjust the seat angle by how it feels on the inside.

Eric Cooper is a clinical somatic educator In Manchester, MI. Somatics is a transformative movement practice that helps people relieve pain, stay flexible, improve posture, manage stress and move more easily. For more information, visit