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Leading-Edge Pain Relief in Plymouth

Nov 30, 2019 02:53PM
The Wellness Center of Plymouth and Integrative Health Chiropractic have had good success introducing natural pain solutions to the community. Along with chiropractic care, muscle therapy, exercise, massage and nutrition, they have added deep tissue laser and pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) treatments.

Because many people are experiencing overuse of medication and complications from surgery, they are using these technologies to overcome limiting conditions involving joints and pain syndromes. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has registered PEMF as a wellness device and approved it for neck fusion, nonunion fractures, depression, anxiety, muscle stimulation and urinary incontinence.

Enhanced bone healing, circulation and immune function, as well as mental health and anxiety benefits, has been strongly supported in the medical literature.   Laser has been well researched and is now used by most major sports teams for advanced healing of injuries and quicker recovery.

Injured people need to return to freedom of movement and flexibility, and these modalities offer quicker healing, reduction of scar tissue and swelling, and advanced deep tissue healing. Circulation and blood flow can be improved to injured areas. Even autoimmune conditions and bone density can benefit.

Clients receive treatments in a comfortable environment from trained staff. They often report immediate relief of pain and significant increased ability to move and walk with reduced pain and stiffness. Treatments are accumulative, and frequently achieve complete resolution from a few treatments up to a few weeks. Fees are reasonable and scheduling is convenient.

Dr. Elizabeth Sisk
The initial consultation with a doctor and first session is $29, with holiday season treatment packages. Located at 1075 Ann Arbor Rd., Plymouth. For appointments, call 734-454-5600, email Dr. Elizabeth Sisk, DC, at [email protected] or visit