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Natural Awakenings of Greater Ann Arbor & Detroit / Wayne County Michigan

Growth, Peace and Harmony

The effect of current events on the vital connections between our mind and body can adversely affect our health—constant stress causes tension and tightness, saps our energy and makes us feel drained.

         Just as fear and pain are part of living and not to be feared, accepting things as they really are allows us to move forward. This month, nationally known author and spiritual teacher Mark Nepo discusses living a wholehearted life and why it is important to live authentically, looking at ourselves with honesty.

         Being a teenager is never easy, but today amid the upheaval and unusual turmoil of these pivotal years, many of them are worried about dealing with their families, their grades and the mental health of their friends. Listening carefully without judgment to a teen’s problems is the first step. Other ways to help include stocking the fridge with healthy foods, modeling self-compassion, enjoying creative activities during family time and encouraging them to help others, either personally or through organizations. Learn more in our Healthy Kids department's "Stressed-Out Teens."

         Imagine moving to the flowing, gentle, swirling movements of tai chi, originally a Chinese martial art, and the rhythmic, sweeping motions of qigong, which both offer proven paths to restoring balance and re-energizing qi, our life force. With the support of more than 500 studies, they have been shown to improve mobility, immunity, heart and lung function, arthritic pain and stress levels.

         To help us de-stress during challenging times, we can always seek solace outdoors. We recently rafted down the Manistee river, delighting in its tranquil beauty. As the stress drifted away, the quiet nature of the river allowed us to tune in to the present moment with ease. Moved by this experience, John and I vowed to make rafting as many of  Michigan’s rivers as we can a priority for our bucket list.

         For another boost to help us recharge, we stopped at Higgins Lake to visit vacationing Natural Awakenings Publishing Co. CEO, founder and creative flame Sharon Bruckman at her lifelong family cottage. Her shining example of balancing a purpose-filled life with work and play for more than 25 years is inspiring not only to us, but all of the Natural Awakenings franchise owner/publishers across the nation.

                Remember, the theme of our time is more than, “It is what it is,” but, “It is what we can make it.” Give someone you love a great big hug and recharge!