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Biofeedback Scans for Disturbances and Disharmony in the Body

Nancy Gurney, a certified colon hydrotherapist, traditional naturopath and owner of Creative Lifeflow, says, “Our voices are as individual as our fingerprints. Although people may share a similar pitch or certain vocal characteristics, under close examination, no two voices are alike. Height, weight, hormones, provenance, allergies, structural anomalies, emotions and environmental factors all play a role in determining how our voice emerges. Analyzed in person or over the telephone, our voices can provide deep insight into how the body is functioning and why.”

            She explains, “Every cell emits sound and light, and combined, harmonize like a song. We just can’t hear them with our human ears or see them with our human eyes. Auras are related to the electromagnetic field of the body and serve as a visual measure of our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual state. Everything that we do or think affects the aura, so it is usually in a state of flux, ever-changing, based on our thoughts and physical health. The aura is also affected by the energies of the environment, the force fields of the planet and the frequencies that penetrate all forms of matter.

            “During a biofeedback scan, the body’s reaction to thousands of substances is recorded in a matter of seconds using the voice and a photo, like the pinpricks that doctors administer in an allergy test to detect reactions to specific substances, but in this case, the energetic or morphogenic field is scanned scan. The tool makes a mathematical comparison of the energy field against vitamins, neurotransmitters, hormones and food to determine where energetic disturbances are occurring.

            These energetic readings and they should not be taken as a diagnosis, yet they are closely aligned to the physical, spiritual, mental and emotional ailments of many individuals.

            Gurney says, “Getting a biofeedback scan is a simple and painless process. At the completion of a scan, a report is sent to the client with protocol suggestions. It can determine energetic disturbances and disharmony in hormones, gut bacteria, minerals, neurotransmitters, emotional health, brain health, vitamins, spinal energy, meridians, sleep patterns, food sensitivities, essential oils, Bach flowers and more.”      

Creative Lifeflow is located at 1817 W. Stadium, Ste. A, in Ann Arbor. For appointments and more information, call 734-674-0922 or visit