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Warm Up the Morning at Moonwinks

Moon Winks Café owners Kevin and Patrick Cox and Nathan McCardell believe that great food, hot coffee and a caring community can impact the lives of everyone, and feature Michigan-made companies in the cafe. Patrons can enjoy winter mornings and experience MoonWinks Magic with a warm feature latte or cup of soup paired with a fresh salad. Hot chocolate or chai tea are also perfect for the cold weather.

            Kevin Cox says, “As cold air settles across the state, many people reach for hot drinks to keep the chill at bay. While there is science that demonstrates how these warm beverages affect the body, there is also research that shows our perceptions of these drinks play a part in how they make us feel. The short-term increase in temperature for the hands, mouth and stomach can feel comforting. So, if you’re looking for a physical and mental reward that helps you forget about the cold for a while, drinking a hot beverage or consuming warm broth or soup is ideal.”

Location: 5151 Plymouth Rd. Ann Arbor. For more information, call 734-994-5151, email [email protected] or visit