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Relieve Chronic Stress and Anxiety at Crysterra Wellness

Andrea Astley is a certified reflexologist trained in both clinical and Thai reflexology, a Usui Shiki Ryoho  reiki master, certified lithotherapy practitioner, RYT-certified yoga instructor and the owner and founder of Crysterra Wellness. She says, “There is much misinformation and misconception out there about reflexology, reiki, lithotherapy and energy work. One must fully experience it to fully understand it. The benefits are immediate, profound and often life-changing.”

            The core fundamental philosophies of Crysterra Wellness are built on stress and anxiety reduction, relaxation, nurturing and healing. Their reflexology, reiki and lithotherapy sessions and workshops are designed to support and promote the healthy act of self-care, respect, kindness and appreciation of our whole selves; mind, body and spirit. Astley focuses on building and maintaining mental and physical balance, strength, flexibility and resilience through a lens of self-care for stress/anxiety relief and optimal wellness.

Natural Awakenings readers can enjoy a $20 off first-time client special for the month of Jan. only. Location: Crysterra Wellness is located upstairs at Verapose Yoga House, 3173 Baker Rd., Ste. A, Dexter. For more information, call 734-649-1849, email [email protected] or visit