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Mold Still Thrives in Winter

MoldPro specializes in home and business air testing and mold remediation. The certified and insured firm is the only 100 percent chemical-free mold remediation company in the Midwest. They want people to know that winter brings unique conditions for mold.

            Mold thrives in warm, humid spaces and is generally considered a seasonal problem. But it doesn’t just disappear during the winter season, which can affect indoor air quality and cause health problems for the family. Certain types of mold spores become dormant when it’s cold, while others thrive in lower temperature ranges, growing in unheated attics, walls and unfinished basements.

            The first thing MoldPro does is discuss any water events that may have taken place and give the home a visual inspection. They are committed to remaining chemical-free and have never had a customer not be able to safely return to their home after treating the toxins, as well as the mold spores. They don’t treat mold by spraying chemicals, they remove the mold root entirely.

Location: 247 W. Main St., Milan. For more information, call 734-439-8800, email [email protected]  or visit