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Waldorf Promotes Healthy Childhood, Creativity and Imagination

A Waldorf education is designed to cultivate children’s curiosity and love of learning. Every student at Detroit Waldorf School (DWS) from early childhood through eighth grade goes outside for recess at least twice during the school day because of the immense benefits it brings to learning and wellness. Research from Michigan State University encourages recess for better academic performance, greater health and happiness, and increased success.

“In winter, especially in snow, outdoor play uses fine and gross motor skills and engages the senses—everything children need for development,” says Helena Mitchell, DWS early childhood pedagogical chair and teacher. “The whole child is engaged, including the imagination, which promotes deeper learning. Plus, outdoor play helps moderate indoor energy and promotes better sleep.”

Waldorf philosophy focuses on nurturing head, heart and hands in an approach that aligns with children’s intuitive curiosity, imagination and development. Focusing on exploration and connection with the natural world, children learn on the playground as deeply as in the classroom.

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