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Freedom from Toxic Mercury at Ann Arbor’s Dentist

Dr. Keith Dobracki, owner of Ann Arbor’s Dentist, says, “We started with a mission to remove the toxic aspects of dentistry and follow a holistic and functional medicine style of health care. We believe that substances like BPA and mercury do not belong in the human body.” Ann Arbor’s Dentist examines the mouth as a gateway to the rest of the body. They work with toxicology, holistic and naturopathic associations to create the most modern system for the removal of problematic heavy metals out of the mouth. “This system has been studied and developed for five years, and has become our gold standard of care,” he advises.

Dobracki lectures internationally, continually implementing the newest treatment options being developed in European and Asian countries. His credentials and memberships include board-certified biological dentist, board certified naturopath, doctorate of dental surgery, Institute for Functional Medicine, International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, American Academy of Facial Esthetics, Holistic Dental Association, consultant or dental advisor and advisory member of Excellence in Dentistry. The practice has received Best of Hour Detroit, Ann Arbor Family, Metro Parent, Washtenaw County accolades and named Top National Integrative and Holistic Dentist.

“Our customers love the family feel of the office and our friendly staff to guide them through their care,” shares Dobracki. “They feel safe knowing that we have researched all of our materials and methodologies to ensure we are providing the most natural care available. Our modern setting allows for procedures to be comfortable and very accurate. Biocompatibility and heavy metal testing modalities help ensure for the healthiest outcomes.”

To put patients at ease during their care without using pharmaceuticals, they have a dental comfort dog, weighted blankets and relaxing massage techniques. “Our goal is for our patients to leave feeling more educated and empowered to be a part of their healthcare decision-making process,” explains Dobracki. “Our doctors also work hand-in-hand with our patients’ functional, integrative, naturopathic and chiropractic providers to ensure the entire body is looked after.”

Using bioactive, biomimetic and biocompatible materials means the materials work well with the body and last for years. The office does not do root canals, but instead implements a root canal prevention program. Ann Arbor’s Dentist is the only Midwestern office with two certified biological dentists. Dobracki notes, “This allows us to safely remove metals, incorporate ozone, utilize lasers and focus on proper prevention without harsh chemicals.”

To stop the spread of dental decay, they genetically study the bacteria in the biofilm, creating an alkaline setting with health-promoting factors and creating an environment stable enough for remineralization to begin.

“Our future plans are to stop dental decay for all of our patients and prevent the need for any root canal treatment. We have developed a network with other medical providers and functional medical hospitals to continue to ensure our patients have access to the best oral and systemic health,” avows Dobracki. “We are working to help eliminate mercury from clinical care across the United States.”

Ann Arbor’s Dentist is located at 606 W. Stadium Blvd., in Ann Arbor. For appointments, call 734-747-6400, email [email protected] or visit